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To change the belief that "men don’t talk" and create opportunities for men to be more connected, authentic to who they are and vulnerable about the challenges they face to create healthier men.


  I am inspired to make a difference through empowering men from a place of honesty and showing up as my real authentic self. I believe every man should know how to change their life. It's not in the destination that we learn and grow, it's the journey that we take to remove what's in the way of our magnificence!


With one on one coaching, workshops and men's groups, you will go from feeling lost and un-fulfilled, questioning if this is all there is for you, to living a life of peace and happiness. I'm committed to bring you value and walk this journey together to create amazing results in your life.


It’s so important to change the dialogue we've all heard "suck it up and be a man". Men NEED good quality support & connection to help lift us up. That is why we have created our brotherhood that will surround you with men who understand where you're coming from and can encourage you. Whether you connect on social media, in person at events, or join Ignite Your Life Men's Group, you will develop friendships that will strengthen and support you.



When my life showed up different than I imagined, I realized that the common denominator is... me. I wanted more in my life, I needed something more. I had an insatiable desire to learn how to be happy and create a fulfilling life with joy, adventure and love. My eyes were opened to a whole new way of thinking, talking, believing and living, and it changed everything.


When you CHANGE the way you look at things,

the things you look at CHANGE


In just over 2 years I went from not understanding what I was missing to discovering a whole lot more about who I am and what I wanted in life. I actually checked my limiting beliefs at the door and created an entirely new mindset that opened doors that I never even considered.

The realization that for most of my life I've been surrounded by people who have careers in industries that didn't create anything that truly fulfilled them. And in fact, they created a life that caused them to not be at all where they wanted to be and often left them confused and broken. 

Experiencing all of that and living the chaotic up and downs of life, work, relationships, marriage, kids and everything else unexpected and expected, seemed like an all too familiar story for the men I met. 

 I laugh at the irony of all the events that led me to where I am today and created the man I am proud to be. You too can change the direction of your story!

Connect with me to Ignite Your Life  @MenOnFireCoaching

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Thank you taking time to check out Men On Fire!!

With gratitude  Travis


I'll teach you how to handle those days when life goes sideways and not fall apart. You’ll be able to look for the positive in what is going on and not be totally overwhelmed like you used to. You're still human and that’s ok,
You are whole and complete just as you are, on a journey to be better each and every day.
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Come out to an event where you'll learn tools to improve the conversations you have with yourself & others to take your life to the next level

Work directly with me to  discover who you are & create a life you love. We will breakthrough to a new beginning


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Belong to a brotherhood where you will stay connected and supported

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